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Providence Associates
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  Providence Associates are women and men who, within their own state in life, want to live their Christian life more intensively by devoting themselves to the mission of Providence.

There are more than 1000 associates around the world. However, they are not members of our congregation.


Their mission, like ours, is to be the human face of Providence by volunteering to help the poor within their own surroundings and try to transform situations of injustice and violence into places of evangelical brotherhood and sisterhood.

Besides taking time to help the poor according to their abilities, the associates attend monthly meetings to share their experiences and to deepen their spirituality, very similar to that of the sisters but adapted to their state in life.

Like ours, their spirituality has at its core total confidence in Divine Providence and the gift of themselves in compassion drawn from the heart of Mary at the foot of the cross. The Word of God in Scripture and the life of Emilie Gamelin, the signs of the times serve as their inspiration, their guide and support.

  Associates from different countries meet in Montreal.