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A Beautiful Mission
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The face of God which we wish to manifest to the world is that of the Providence of God seen as a loving presence, watchful over the created universe and every person on earth.



We believe that the way chosen by God to act within the events taking place in society and in people's lives throughout history is through persons. Jesus is God's best gift to humanity. Through him God brings salvation and a way to draw out the best that a person can be. God, as Providence, also acts through other persons, both great and ordinary, who by their clearsitedness, their confidence and their courage open new paths to orient people and groups to greater love, healing, justice and freedom. .

Besides manifesting the Providence of God, we want to radiate compassion, the attitude inspired by the sight of Mary standing at the foot of the cross of Jesus. Mary was present to Jesus in all his joys and difficulties, but it was at the foot of the cross, when Jesus experienced his greatest trial, that Mary serves as an example to sustain us in our mission of compassion toward those who suffer.

For us, compassion is more than a feeling for the sufferings of others. We experience it as a spiritual energy which moves us to seek to relieve the pain of others in whatever way we can or to merely stand by them in support when nothing can be done and we feel helpless.

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