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Who are we ?
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  We are women for whom the quest for contact with the divine is primordial. In every age and culture, many people undertake this search for the divine and there are visionnaries to show the way.

discovered the way of detachment, Moses that of obedience, Mohammed stressed submission and finally Jesus of Nazareth offered the way of love as the surest path to God.
For us, Sisters of Providence, religious life is a way of life chosen by women of many countries and cultures who feel called by God to love as Jesus loved. To take seriously the person of Jesus. His life and message motivate us and serve as our reason for existing. Being attracted to Christ by his Spirit, we strive to live the way of life inspired by Jesus in the Gospels.

By consecrating ourselves to God by religious vows, by living with other women who share the same ideal and by being the heart, hands, feet and face of God's love for those in need without distinction of race, nationality, age or religion, our whole life and being are dedicated to the service of God.

In the Catholic Church we are not an order of cloistered religious but an apostolic congregation. In keeping with the vision of Saint de Paul for the Daughters of Charity who cared for the sick and poor, "we have for cloister, the home of the sick, the city streets or hospital wards; for cell, a rented room; for chapel, the parish church; for encloure, obedience; for grate, the fear of God; and saintly modesty, our only veil."

Could it be that God's gaze is upon you calling you to a total gift of yourself to God in fulfilling the mission of Jesus as a Sister of Providence?

    • even if you don't feel up to it
    • even if you already have a boyfriend
    • even if others would think it is absurd.
Your choice is up to you.

Jeanne D'Arc Dubé Lucille Fontaine Mariette Proulx