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Our Life Together
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Our Life Together
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  Community life enriches the common mission.

In bringing the Good News to people through the service of others and in building a community of faith and hope we know that as a group we are stronger than when acting alone.


Through this spirit bonds are created which makes it pleasant and interesting to be together to share, not only daily tasks, but also our joys and sorrows, our difficulties, our ministries, our knowledge and understandings, our perceptions regarding events taking place in society and anything else that makes living together interesting and fulfilling. To give the very best of ourselves and to persevere in our commitments, we need to feel that we belong, to love and be loved, to forgive and be forgiven.

To sustain our energy and maintain our equilibrium we not only work, but also take time to pray, keep silence, read, celebrate, enjoy ourselves, rest and take a yearly vacation.